Squill (aka the Snark Beast) is an alien creature that was among the 106 aliens that were captured by General Shanker. Squill's name was revealed by Mr. James Bing. It was voiced by Adrian Petriw.


Mr. James Bing revealed to Gary that 106 aliens have been left stranded on Earth and never returned. Squill was among one of those aliens on the list.

Squill was also seen as one of the frozen aliens in one of the frozen capsules. When General Shanker's lair was set to blow up, Gary and Scorch are thawed out of their chambers. All of the other aliens escaped. When Gary tried to help his brother, the Snark Beast broke out of its capsule with a vicious temperament. Gary was terrified, though Scorch told him that it looks mean, but completely harmless. However, when Larry Longeyes got out of his chamber to escape, Squill ate him alive, thus killing him. As Squill charges and to intentionally kill Gary and Scorch, IO came to their aid and grabbed Squill by its right leg. She then tossed the alien on the ground, knocking it out. It is presumed that Squill died in the explosion.


Squill is a gigantic alien creature with sharp teeth, multiple tongues, purple skin, and appears to be quadruped. It has massive claws on its front and back legs and lacks eyes, though it can somehow look where its going. It also has large spikes on its belly.