Gary Supernova is an alien and the main protagonist of the 2013 film Escape From Planet Earth. He is a Babian and the big brother of the planet's greatest hero, Scorch Supernova. He is the main reason because Scorch always save the day, because he is very intelligent and he has made Scorch's super-suit by himself.

He is more logical than his brother and he has a wife, Kira Supernova and a son, Kipper. When he argues whith his brother he quipts (just before his brother, who fires him). Scorch's first mission by himseld is a fail and Scorch is captured by Area 51. At start, Gary doesn't do something about it, but when he stops his son from rescuing Scorch, he decides to go to Earth and save him.


He has lived as a kid whith his parents and his brother. They were arguing also as kids, because Scorch was feeling that Gary whas better than him. When they became adults, Scorch became a hero and Gary started to work as his partner. Gary was not angry because all the planet was thinking that Scorch was doing everything, he was angry because Scorch was thinking this too.

When Scorch was captured, Gary started to feel sorry. His son, Kipper, Scorch's biggest fun, went to the spaceships' airport and tried to go to Earth and save his unkle. Gary and Kira took him of the ship, but Gary decided to go to Earth and save his brother. His ship fall in Earth, where it was shelf-distroyed. Gary was saved and he found two humans. They became friends, but then, the army of Area 51 captured him.

He found some other captured aliens in the Area and his brother as well. After many adventures, they succed on escaping from Earth. Gary and Scorch stopped arguing and Gary also found new friends.  

Other Things About Gary...

1. He is voiced by actor Rob Corddry.

2. He is maybe the most intelligent alien in Area 51.